Hikari-Senshi is Looking for Timers

Hello there. I am part of the sub group Hikari-Senshi and I work as a timer (and sometimes a TL Checker). Today, I come with a proposition for you, the fans. You see, we’d love to release things for you (you can see a list of things we sub on the site, but key for Sentai fans is Kakuranger & GoGoV) faster, but we need timers for those respective series.

What do timers do? Basically, a timer’s job is to make the subtitles in the script match up to when they are said. Or, in the case of pre-timing, you’d be making a blank timed script that the translator or editor can just fill in with the translation.

The one thing you need for timing is the program called Aegisub, friend of subbers everywhere. Download that (the latest version should be 2.1.9).

Now open Aegisub. You should see this:

To load a video, simply go to the top bar and click on “Video”, then in the dropdown, click on “Load Video”. Then select the video file you want (this will be a raw of some kind). You should see this:

Next, the most important part of timing: the audio. Similarly to the Video option, click on “Audio” in the top bar. In the dropdown, click on ‘Load Audio from Video’. After it loads, you should see this:

Okay, for now, click on “View” in the top bar and then click on “Audio + Subs View” in the dropdown. You should see this:

Next, we’ll switch it to spectrum mode. Focus on this for a moment:

For this part, make sure that the only 2 things that are green are “Auto Goes to Next Line on Commit” and “Spectrum Analyzer Mode”. Here’s how it should look:

Once that’s done, let’s focus on finding dialogue. I have an episode of GoGoV open right now, so the first minute and 30 or so seconds is just the opening theme. The red line on the audio bar is where a selection begins, while the orange one is where the selection ends (don’t pay much mind to the purple lines for the moment). You can move the red and orange lines by dragging them. Do this until you can find dialogue. In order to play the audio in between the red and orange lines, hit the “S” key, which plays the entire selection. The “D” key plays the last few moments of the selection. To move the audio bar forward, use the “F” key. And once you find dialogue, like I have here:

Then you just press the “G” key, which commits your changes and brings you to the next line. You keep doing this until you reach the end of the script. And voila, you’re a timer. Congrats. Now who wants to help us sub stuff?

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An Adventure in Scrubbing: Translation Choices

Okay, you guys are aware I (along with my dear friend sgtkira over at Hikari-Senshi) released all the episodes of Gekiranger in one shot in a scrubbing project. When it was released on /m/, people were a bit confused about my translation choices, so I figured I might as well justify them here and now. The term Geki in the show is 激気, which is essentially something like “Fierce Qi” (yes, it’s Qi. The season isn’t as deep-rooted in China as Dai is yes, but it’s still connected to it). In the subs, I used Wild. This is because I was of the mind that Wild implied fierceness, and that it was a naturally occurring thing. I also used it because 1.) The Korean dub used ‘Wild Spirits’ (which is another take on adapting Geki I suppose) and I took a page out of Magenta from Aesir’s book and used that as inspiration. Afterall, those dubbers should be on to SOMETHING right? 2.) I wanted to complement Rin Juken as Predatory Fist. Some people may think I influenced Overtime’s use of the term in their Gokai/Akiba subs, but in reality I changed my subs to match theirs. I trusted Heat’s translation of the term, and I’ll defend it because of the following: Rin Juken, unlike Geki Juken, preys upon the weak for it’s power. It literally runs on fear and despair and negative emotions. Predatory complements that nicely. Rin in essence means “Rival” or some such, which does make some sense in that it was created to oppose Juken as taught by Brusa Ee, but in terms the overall scheme of things? Predatory works.

As for the attack names? Literal translation is the death of me. Most of the attack names are utterly nonsensical (the Geki techniques are a different kind of nonsensical), so I did my best to keep the meaning of the original attack names, while translating them in a sensible way. Let’s look at a random Rin art: From Xof (Tsuneki, we’ll get to the monster names in a bit) in Lesson 31: he uses a technique called 光臨矢乃如死 (Kourin Yano Gotoshi) which taken literally would mean “Descending Arrows of Death”. I opted for “Murderous Archery” since it was shorter and got the meaning across.

Now for monster names. Everyone in the Rin Ju Den all have an animal based names (yes, even Leo and Mele, although their names don’t follow this rule). The general rule with their names is this: Take the Japanese animal name they’re based on and then take the first kana and put it at the end of the name. Using an example from ep 1: Makirika is based on a praying mantis. As I’m sure those who saw OOO know, praying mantis is Kamakiri in Japanese. The first kana in the word is “ka”. So if you put it at the end of the word, you get Makirika. To reflect this in the subs, I turned “Mantis” into “Ntisma”, to get the joke across. I did this for all of the names this rule applied to, even for Kata, Rageku and Maku. As an aside, Mele is Mele becaused of ChaMELEon, while Leo is Leo because 1.) He’s based on a lion and 2.) When he introduces himself as “Black Lion Leo”, it uses katakana, not kanji, so it’s more of a title. Now, his real name IS Rio, but I didn’t want to confuse people when people call him Rio while Mele and Leo himself call him Leo, so I just used it all the way through.

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Release: Juken Sentai Gekiranger THE SERIES

Torrent | DDLs
Scripts (Localized) | Scripts (Non-Localized)

So… here we are, a full year later after I started this project. You see, I found out something about myself while working on this series. I work much more efficiently when I work on something without releasing it. Weirdly? Releasing something feels so FINAL, that I usually don’t feel like working on it for quite awhile. But that brings us to this release. Yes, this is all 49 episodes of Beast Fist Fighters Wildranger / Juken Sentai Gekiranger (depending on which script you watch with). The first is the localized script. The second script has nearly everything left in tact. With that in mind, please enjoy the love and affection that went into the series.

(Oh, and just to mention: it’s a rather small note: I’m doing Goseiger next. Raws anyone?)

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Geki Juu Scrubbing-ken! Geki Waza: New Blog!

Hi there, it’s GekiKnight, also known as FaizAnon (on Orends apparently). As you may or may not have know, I originally scrubbed Masked Rider 555 out of my respectful obligation to love that show and all it’s insane faults. However, at some point, a good fellow by the name of JettoJaguar eventually took over the scrubbing of Faiz. At that point, I was already headlong into Gekiranger (my absolute, 100% favorite Sentai right after Magiranger) and I found I had a lot more fun scrubbing something like that, and I decided to concentrate on that. So, while I toil to bring you guys nice Gekiscrubs, I just ask for a little patience. I think you’ll all be happy with the next release very soon. 😀

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